Getting Involved

There are a number of things we are doing right now and are planning to do in the near future to move Jakarta EE forward. We need your help in making all of these efforts successful.

  • You can help us spread the word on this effort even if by simply talking to friends and colleagues. We have our own Twitter account you can follow. Let others know about the Jakarta EE Ambassadors.
  • You, your organization or your user group can be listed here as a supporter. This is one of the strongest ways you can show your support.
  • You can join our user alias to learn more about what we are doing. Our Google Group can be found here. This is a great logical starting point to getting engaged in helping advance Jakarta EE, including contributing to Jakarta EE technologies and evangelizing Jakarta EE.
  • We are continuing to enthusiastically evangelize all things Jakarta EE. We are developing samples, tutorials, books, training materials and presentations which can be delivered at conferences, JUG meetings, etc. If this is something you can help do, just reach out and we will try to get you everything you need. Our shared Google Drive should be a useful starting point.
  • We are actively engaged with Jakarta EE specification projects at the Eclipse Foundation. We are helping and encouraging developers and organizations to get involved in the process to move forward all Jakarta EE technologies including developing APIs, implementations, TCKs and specification documents. We are helping to test implementations and providing feedback. All of this are things you can do too and we can help you get started. Even simply following a specification and sharing your opinion is a valuable contribution. Our current main focus is Jakarta EE 11 development. We have a Contributor Guide to Jakarta EE 11 you should review as a main artifact.
  • We are always tracking the progress of Jakarta EE to ensure the technology continues to move forward. We also encourage contribution to open source projects that help advance Jakarta EE (such as the MicroProfile initiative).