Jakarta EE 10 has Landed!

The Jakarta EE Ambassadors are thrilled to see Jakarta EE 10 being released! This is a milestone release that bears great significance to the Java ecosystem. Jakarta EE 8 and Jakarta EE 9.x were important releases in their own right in the process of transitioning Java EE to a truly open environment in the EclipseContinue reading Jakarta EE 10 has Landed!

Jakarta Community Acceptance Testing (JCAT)

Today the Jakarta EE Ambassadors are announcing the start of the Jakarta EE Community Acceptance (JCAT) Testing initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to test Jakarta EE 9/9.1 implementations testing using your code and/or applications. Although Jakarta EE is extensively tested by the TCK, container specific tests, and QA, the purpose of JCAT isContinue reading “Jakarta Community Acceptance Testing (JCAT)”

Jakarta EE Ambassadors Joint Position on Jakarta EE and MicroProfile Alignment

The Jakarta EE Ambassadors are encouraged by the continued progress and relevance of both Jakarta EE and MicroProfile. We believe a clear, collaborative, and complementary relationship between Jakarta EE and MicroProfile is very important for the Java ecosystem.  Unfortunately the relationship has been unclear to many in the Java community, sometimes appearing to be disconnected,Continue reading “Jakarta EE Ambassadors Joint Position on Jakarta EE and MicroProfile Alignment”

Your Input Needed to Determine Path for Jakarta EE/MicroProfile Alignment

The Cloud Native for Java (CN4J) Alliance has recently been formed to promote better alignment between Jakarta EE and MicroProfile. One of the key issues to sort out is how Jakarta EE can consume MicroProfile specifications (such as MicroProfile Configuration). There are several alternatives as to how this could be done. The following is aContinue reading “Your Input Needed to Determine Path for Jakarta EE/MicroProfile Alignment”

Jakarta EE Ambassadors Rebranding Complete

A couple of months ago, the Java EE Guardians group began working with the Eclipse Foundation to go through the effort of changing to a new and more relevant title as the Jakarta EE Ambassadors. We are excited to announce that after much coordination, time, effort, and assistance from the Eclipse Foundation, the rebranding isContinue reading “Jakarta EE Ambassadors Rebranding Complete”

Moving Forward with Oracle and Eclipse Foundation Agreement on Jakarta EE

The Java EE Guardians have noted with great excitement the final agreement between Oracle and the Eclipse Foundation to move forward Jakarta EE. Eclipse Foundation Executive Director Mike Milinkovich covers the agreement and its objective implications well. He also does a good job outlining current Jakarta EE working group consensus and a high-level view ofContinue reading “Moving Forward with Oracle and Eclipse Foundation Agreement on Jakarta EE”

Java 9 on Java EE 8 Using Eclipse and Open Liberty

This post was originally written by Martin Farrell. I wrote a post a few weeks ago titled Which IDEs and Servers support Java EE 8 and Java 9 which looked at the current state of play between Java 9 and Java EE 8. As you would expect things have moved quickly and we now haveContinue reading “Java 9 on Java EE 8 Using Eclipse and Open Liberty”

Where is Java EE going?

This post was written by Jean-François James, a Java EE Guardian . Last Summer, Oracle announced its intention to open source Java EE (Enterprise Edition). This has been confirmed at JavaOne 2017. This article is an attempt to clarify the current status and offer some important perspectives. Motivations According to David Delabassee, Oracle Java EE evangelist, the motivations leading toContinue reading “Where is Java EE going?”

Joint Community Open Letter on Java EE Naming and Packaging

Oracle has promised to open up the ownership of Java EE by moving it to the Eclipse Foundation via the EE4J project. This is a tremendously positive move that will make a very important part of the overall Java platform truly open and agile. The problem is that Oracle wants to restrict the use ofContinue reading “Joint Community Open Letter on Java EE Naming and Packaging”